CSIL accounting & payroll
services in British Columbia.

Over 25 years serving British Columbia. Contact us today for a free consultation to discover the benefits of the CSIL Program.

Est. 1996
Bookkeeping for the Choices in Supports for Independent
Living Program (CSIL) in British Columbia.

We have been providing efficient bookkeeping services to people since the conception of the CSIL program in 1996.

If you are just beginning, we provide complimentary start-up services and confidential consultations. Based in the Okanagan Valley, BC, we are able to bookkeep for people all over the province!

Formerly 'Lloyd Fry Bookkeeping'.

Lloyd T. Fry, founder, owner, and operator, along with wife Candace, were the founders of Okanagan Medical Supplies in Vernon, BC.

He became a quadriplegic in 1973 and the couple was hugely instrumental in increasing accessibility in the Okanagan.

Lloyd also guided the Interior Health and Fraser Health programs in building their monthly report form templates. He has provided support, guidance, and a helping hand to thousands of people with disabilities throughout British Columbia for 40+ years.

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